The X-ray of the human brain closeup image

Deep dive package

Have you got complex or chronic health issues that you haven't been able to turn around? Or perhaps you have minor health issues that are impacting on your quality of life and you want to sort out for the sake of your future and the future of of your children and loved ones?

Then the deep dive package is perfect for you. I will guide you to become a confident advocate for your own health so that you can can achieve what is possible for you regardless of where you are now.

  • Fully personalized to you and your unique circumstances.
  • 1 hour long in depth holistic assessment.
  • 12 one to one sessions (each session 45-50 minutes long).
  • 1 hour re-evaluation at session 7
  • Personal action plan emailed to you after every session.
  • Twice weekly accountability and support by text or WhatsApp.

Contact me for a FREE, no obligation 30 minute Exploratory call to find out how the Deep Dive Package can support you on your journey to optimal health.