The Health and Care Professionals Council for the UK Scope of Practice states:

“Your scope of practice is the limit of your knowledge, skills and experience. It is made up of the activities you carry out within your professional role, provided that you have the knowledge, skills and experience to do them lawfully, safely and effectively.”

As a qualified, registered and insured Health Coach as well as a qualified, registered and insured Physiotherapist, my training, knowledge, skills and experience are unique.

These scopes of practice links have been added here upon the request of the UK Health Coaches Association as part of their requirements for membership, and to ensure transparency and professionalism. This information may also help you decide if your requirements are within my scope of practice.

Please click the links below for the relevant scopes of practice, code of ethics and/or standards of practice for each of my qualifications.

If you have any questions related to the scopes of practice below

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