• get your health problems under better control
  • banish brain fog, improve your focus and achieve more
  • easily make healthy changes that you will be able to stick to
  • overcome low mood as well as physical and mental fatigue so you can get more out of life
  • create more energy so you can lead a busy, active lifestyle without feeling exhausted or burnt out
  • be a calmer, more conscious parent and a positive role model to your children and other loved ones.
  • We get personal:

    I get to know you in depth and help you uncover your motivations, goals and stumbling blocks. Any advice and recommendations on diet change, exercise, stress management and any other changes will be tailored to you and only you. No cookie cutter programs!

  • I make change do-able:

    Let me help you prioritise the most important changes you need to make so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Together, we get to figure out what vital but simple steps you should take. You'll learn how to change your mindset so you're wired for success this time. And finally, I'll give you lots of practical tips and guidance on how to make the important changes fit into your busy schedule.

  • You’ll feel supported on your journey:

    As your Health Coach, I’ll check in with you between sessions to give you accountability and encouragement, and to shine a light on your amazing future self so you stay on the right track, whatever obstacles and challenges come your way (and trust me, there will be some along the way!).

  • Combining the best of both worlds:

    With my unique combination of conventional medical knowledge from my extensive physiotherapy experience and training as well as and a holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching viewpoint, I can help you get the best out of conventional medical treatment options as well as the best of the alternative and complementary approaches to health and wellness.

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Hi! I’m Julinie, but most people call me Jules. I am a woman with many hats: A health coach, a children’s physiotherapist, mum of 2 girls, wife, chocoholic, urban gardener and complete brain geek!

But seriously, I have a Certificate in Integrative Health Coaching from IIN and a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from UWE. I am also currently studying Dr Daniel Amen’s Brain Health Coaching Certification. In addition, I am registered with the UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA), Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and have an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring certificate.




Health analysis session

In this hour long one off session, I will analyze your health issues in a holistic manner and cut right through the confusion and overwhelm.

Breakthrough package

If you are ready to make serious changes to your lifestyle for the benefit of your health, this 3 month package is a great starting point.

Deep dive package

This 6 month deep dive package is perfect for you if you have a more complex health issue or need more support to turn around your health. 

Want to know more about these packages and which would be best for you? Contact me for a FREE, no obligation 30 minute Exploratory call.